Walls Waterproofed

Leaky basement walls, standing water in the basement, and wet spots on the walls or floor of your home are some signs that you need to invest in waterproofing.

Having waterproof walls can be a part of a basement waterproofing system and is the best way to keep the basement dry, protect the foundation, and mitigate the risk of moisture damage in your home. Not only does waterproofing prevent problems with mold and mildew, but it also protects against foundation cracks which can lead to structural damage.

Additionally, waterproofing your basement can add value to your home. A leaky basement is likely to reduce the resale value of your home by up to 10–25%.

The best way to avoid these issues is to get started on waterproofing today!

For more than a decade, DryTech has been repairing leaky basement walls and enhancing the value of homes across Knoxville. Put an end to those leaks with a basement waterproofing solution from the DryTech Waterproofing experts. We are here to help with all your leaky basement and water damage issues! Call us today at (865) 410-1077 to schedule a FREE estimate.

Basement Waterproofing Problem Signs

Basement Waterproofing Problem Signs

Whether you’ve been noticing leaking pipes, wall cracks, or bowed basement walls, there’s a good chance you might have a problem with water infiltrating your basement. Here are some of the most common signs that you should be aware of:

​Standing Water: Standing water will eventually cause major issues, but sometimes it doesn’t take very long to do some amount of damage. It could lead to rotting wood, termites, or even fungal growth. If you notice anything that looks especially strange, like black marks on the ceiling or the smell of mildew, it’s time to act fast.

Leaky Windows: One of the most common ways water infiltrates a basement space is through leaking windows. These small openings allow moisture inside, causing the entire area around the window to be damp – including electrical wires and other components. This could be potentially dangerous and needs to be addressed.

​Foundation Cracks: Foundation cracks can also show up around windows and doors where the siding meets the concrete surface. Make sure you’re regularly checking underneath your home to catch any problems early on to stop the deterioration from getting worse.

DryTech’s Basement Waterproofing Systems

Whether you want to seal cracks at the corners of windows, install a water barrier to your foundation, or apply a complete waterproofing coating, DryTech has a solution.

Interior Waterproofing

If you want to make sure your basement stays dry, then interior waterproofing walls is a step you should consider. With interior waterproofing, we install waterproof wall panels or a waterproof membrane that prevents rainwater from entering your basement. Furthermore, this membrane prevents water vapor from gathering in the basement, forcing the space to stay dry.

In interior basement waterproofing, drainage channels are installed around the perimeter of the basement walls. Whenever water leaks or seeps through your basement walls, the drain collects it and conveys it to a sump pump.

Exterior Waterproofing

We use a proprietary waterproof coating material that protects the exterior of your basement walls. This material repels water and is resistant to moisture. It will block out the elements – ensuring your basement stays dry.

Exterior waterproofing with the addition of drain tiles at the base of the wall helps combat the high volume of stormwater that tends to fill basements.

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It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to basement waterproofing and the prevention of water damage. For more information about how DryTech waterproofing solutions can save homeowners money and protect their property, click here to get a free estimate or call (865) 410-1077.

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