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DryTech Waterproofing has been helping homeowners for over a decade, from installing crawl space waterproofing to preventing water damage in basements and attics. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in building water-resistant barriers on homes throughout the Knoxville area.

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Water in a crawl space or basement is an alarming concern because it can indicate a bigger issue. Eventually, it can create structural problems like damage to the foundation walls. Most importantly, wet ground can lead to mold growth and wood rot – which is a health risk and no one wants that problem at home. The air quality in a home is significantly compromised if there is any water intrusion, mold or mildew growth or something else.

Crawl space waterproofing is the best option for keeping your home free of moisture problems and the damage caused by water leakage or humidity. Waterproofing makes buildings more energy-efficient, meaning lower energy costs, and protects against expensive work like foundation repair or new construction costs later down the road.

The best part? There’s nothing you need to do after it’s installed; just make sure there are no leaks or cracks around your home. That way, your house stays dry and protected for as long as possible.

How Do I Know If My Crawl Space Needs Waterproofing?

A few telltale signs indicate that your crawl space may require this type of protection. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Standing water
  • Deteriorated insulation
  • Musty odors
  • Lack of vapor barrier
  • Uneven dirt floor
  • Freezing floors
  • Bumpy/soft floors
  • Moist foundation blocks

These conditions could be signs of crawl space water issues. If any of these problem exist in your home, it’s time to have your crawl space waterproofed. Call us today to schedule a consultation with the experts at DryTech Waterproofing.

Crawl Space Basement Waterproofing Solutions

If your crawl space needs waterproofing, DryTech Waterproofing can create a custom solution that meets all of your needs. Our crawl space waterproofing solutions include:

Perimeter Drainage System: A DryTech-installed perforated drain pipe along the perimeter of your crawl space will prevent rainwater from getting inside your home.

Sump Pumps: A sump pump placed near the lowest point in the crawl space can remove any standing water that accumulates. They can also help reduce the amount of moisture entering the crawl space floor.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems: Using a DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation system, you can eliminate cold floors, reduce high utility bills, and create a moisture barrier between the crawl space and ceiling joists.

Drainage Matting: To help water flow away from your home’s foundation, we can install drainage mats under the slab. These mats create an air gap to let water accumulate and flow away.

Crawl Space Wood Repair: Wood destroying insects, like termites, feed on wood, causing the wood to rot and decay. To prevent this, we repair existing wood then add a protective coating.

Crawl Space Insulation: DryTech installed foam board and spray foam insulation help regulate the temperature within your home. Proper insulation in crawl space walls and floors will decrease the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems.

Dehumidifier: Dehumidifiers dry out a damp crawl space and automatically maintain a pre-set humidity level. By controlling crawl space humidity, you can create a hostile environment for mold and mildew. You can also alleviate allergy symptoms with a dehumidifier.

DryTech offers a complete crawl space waterproofing system that can keep your home dry and healthy while preventing damage caused by condensation. We offer interior and exterior waterproofing solutions, so call us today to get started!

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Wet Crawl Space?

One of the biggest problems with crawl spaces in East Tennessee and the surrounding regions is water. A wet crawl space can lead to major issues, such as crawl space mold growth, crawl space wood damage, and possible foundation failure. A DryTech installed drainage system will keep your crawl space dry for good. A dry crawl space will not only help prevent issues such as these, when combined with a DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation system, the comfort of the living area upstairs will be noticeably improved. Contact us today at (865)410-1077 to schedule a free inspection.

Before and After Crawl Space Repair and Waterproofing
Sump Pump Drainage System

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are a powerful defense against basement and crawl space moisture. Our certified sump pump installers will install a quality pump backed by our trusted warranty.

DryTech offers free inspections and estimates on all our repair services. Call (865) 410-1077 to request your free inspection!

Encapsulation Systems

Crawl spaces in the East Tennessee area also have problems with excessive moisture. Excessive moisture in a crawl space can also lead to mold growth, bad odors, and structural wood damage. If your crawl space is experiencing any of these issues, let DryTech turn your East Tennessee crawl space into a safe, healthy crawl space. DryTech’s WhiteCap Encapsulation Systems not only stop excessive moisture in your crawl space, but also help prevent mold growth and bad odors. A DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation System can also help you save on energy costs.

Crawl Space Encapsulation
Moldy Basement Wood

Mold Growth? Excessive Moisture? Bad Odors?

In the East Tennessee area, excessive moisture in a crawl space can lead to mold growth. Even when no standing water is present, a crawl space can still have excessive moisture due to a few different factors. One of these being that your crawl space has a dirt floor from which moisture is constantly escaping into the crawl space. Crawl space vents can also add unwanted moisture to the crawl space by allowing high humidity air from outdoors into your crawl space. Because the natural air flow process of all homes is from bottom to top (known as the stack effect) this unwanted moisture moves up into the structural components and eventually into the living areas of your home, bringing with it mold spores, dust mites, and bad odors. Contact DryTech today at (865) 410-1077 for professional help with your mold growth problem!

Crawl Space Wood Repair

Crawl space wood rot in East Tennessee can be caused by standing water, excessive moisture, and wood destroying insects. No matter the cause, it’s an issue that needs repaired as soon as possible. DryTech prides itself on being one of the few companies in this industry that repairs structural wood damage in East Tennessee crawl spaces the correct way. Whether its damage to the crawl space sill plate, floor joist, center beam, or sub-floor, DryTech can fix it right.

Crawl Space Wood Repair
Cold Floor Repair

Crawl Space Insulation

Cold floors and high energy cost are often directly related to issues in your crawl space. These issues can be solved by a DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation system and/or installation of crawl space insulation. A DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation system can not only eliminate cold floors, but can also help reduce high energy costs by eliminating unwanted moisture and preventing cold air from entering your crawl space. With a DryTech installed WhiteCap Encapsulation system your furnace will also spend less time drying out the air in your home. Contact us today to get started on allowing DryTech to turn your dirty, costly crawl space into a healthy, energy saving crawl space. Call DryTech at (865) 410-1077 for your free estimate today!

Drainage Systems

EZflow™ is a gravel-free alternative to traditional drainage systems. It works great in crawl spaces with standing water! EZflow combines the pipe, aggregate and mesh in one product which reduces the labor costs of installing a system by 50% or more. Slotted pipe surrounded by Poly Rock (polystyrene aggregate) and enclosed in a geotextile mesh, EZflow is uniquely designed with “flow channels” meant to increase void space which provides improved water flow rates up to 35 percent. The design also results in greater storage capacity and structural integrity to resist compaction. Let DryTech evaluate your drainage issues and suggest the best fix for your home today! Call (865) 410-1077 today!

Drainage System Diagram
cleanspace encapsulation system

Foundation Repair

Ignoring foundation problems can result in expensive repairs or loss in home value in the future. DryTech uses warrantied products to repair foundations, ensuring the integrity and safety of your home.

Indicators of foundation problems can include:

  • Bowing, buckling, or cracking walls
  • Diagonal cracking of poured concrete foundation walls
  • Uneven floors and floor creaking
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Wet Basement or crawl space

DryTech will assess your foundation damage and recommend the best solution. Many times, water pressure is the cause of foundation issues. Freezing water in the ground, lack of waterproofing, tree roots, and aging can all contribute to bowing or cracking walls. Steel I-beams installed and bolted to floor joists are often the best option for bowing walls. I-beams prevent further foundation damage. Concrete leveling and crawl space jacks are frequently recommended as well. Whatever situation you find in your home, contact DryTech to stabilize your foundation. We have the expertise to fix it! Call (865) 410-1077 today!


The crawl space beneath your home is vulnerable to high humidity which can lead to mold problems, pest infestations, structural damage, and even allergy symptoms for you and your family. A dehumidifier is a great solution for controlling humidity in your crawl space or cellar and prevents excess moisture from entering your main living area. Let DryTech install a whole-home humidifier in your home and feel the effects of properly humidified air! (865) 410-1077.

cleanspace encapsulation system

Power Post Jacks/Smart Jacks

The PowerPost is an extremely high strength, adjustable steel column designed specifically to stabilize or raise sinking and unlevel floors over crawlspaces or basements.

These can be useful if you find that your walls are cracking or doors no longer shut properly. Both of these are symptoms of a sinking foundation. Let DryTech assess your home for stability and determine if you have issues we can correct! Call us today at (865) 410-1077 for your free estimate.

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