What Is Basement Wall Crack

What That Basement Wall Crack Means and What You Need to Do

You’ve had a leaky basement for years and you didn’t think much of it, but now it’s starting to cause serious damage. Unfortunately, home insurance won’t cover the cost of repairing cracks, and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars fixing them. What should you do?

A basement crack or leak is a common problem for homeowners. If left untreated, it can cause water damage and mold growth, eventually leading to dangerous situations and serious health problems.

It’s important to call a professional before the issue gets worse. Several signs indicate a leak has occurred, such as wet floors, damp walls, and standing water. Once you notice these symptoms, it’s time to get started.

What is a Basement Wall Crack?

A basement wall crack is an opening between the concrete blocks of your foundation. The cracks may be caused by shifting soil, shrinkage, and foundational movements.

If you have a cracked basement, water will seep through the cracks and into your foundation. As a result, it can cause the foundation to weaken over time. As the foundation weakens, more cracks occur. Eventually, the entire foundation could collapse, causing major damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Basements are usually built with concrete walls, so cracks aren’t uncommon. A small crack may be nothing more than a hairline fracture and not a huge threat, while larger ones could mean there’s a serious issue with the foundation. Cracks can occur at any point along the wall, including near windows and doors.

Concrete Cracks

The most common way to fix this type of hairline crack is by pouring a cement patch over the area. This will fill up the crack and prevent further leaks. However, if you see water seeping through the wall, you need to take action immediately.

It’s best to contact an expert who specializes in basement waterproofing. They’ll assess the situation and determine if the damage is caused by a leak or something else.

If it’s a leak, they’ll seal up the area and fix the underlying problem. The crack may need to be repaired instead of filled. In either case, the waterproofing contractors will ensure the job is done right the first time.

How Can a Basement Wall Crack Impact My Home?

Water leaks from a cracked basement wall can cause major structural issues. Water can enter the wall cavity, causing rot and drywall failure. Furthermore, mold can form on the wall’s surface, making it difficult to clean and creating health problems. The moisture also makes the air inside the house humid, contributing to respiratory ailments.

Water leaks can also create other problems. For example, standing water can freeze, damaging pipes and electrical wiring. Clearly, any wall crack can result in expensive repair bills.

In addition to the potential hazards, leaking basement walls can affect the value of your home. Water stains will make the interior look dingy, and the smell of mildew will attract pests.

Don’t wait until the damage becomes too severe. Instead, call waterproofing experts who are specialized in crack repairs. They’ll inspect the area and give you tips on keeping the damage under control.

What Causes a Crack in a Basement?

There are many reasons why a basement wall might crack.

Some of the most common include:
  • Poorly installed plumbing
  • Faulty drainage system
  • Hydrostatic pressures
  • Foundation movement
  • Excessive humidity levels
  • Flooding
  • Vandalism
  • Tree roots growing into the wall
  • Structural defects
  • Storms

Once you know what’s causing the crack, you can start taking steps to fix it and prevent future damage. This is because a crack doesn’t always happen all at once. Instead, it often starts small and slowly grows over time.Basement Wall Crack

To avoid further damage, you need to inspect the wall regularly. First, check for signs of water leakage, like wet floors and walls. Next, look for foundation wall cracks, holes, or bulges. If you find anything suspicious, call us at (865) 410-1077.

It would be best if you also considered having your basement checked annually. This way, you’ll catch any problems early. Don’t wait until the damage becomes serious.

These basement wall cracks are usually hairline thin, so they’re easy to miss. But if you notice any signs of moisture around your foundation walls, call us right away! We’ll help you find the source of the leak and fix it before it gets worse.

How To Prevent Basement Wall Cracks From Happening?

The first step to preventing a basement wall crack is to keep the space dry. Make sure there isn’t any standing water anywhere around the perimeter of the concrete wall.

Next, use caulk to fill any gaps between the wall and floor. Caulk is inexpensive and easy to apply. Use a standard caulk gun to get the job done quickly.

Finally, install weather stripping around the door frame and window frames. It will help keep the outside elements out of the basement.

A foundation crack could be an indication that something needs to be fixed. A inspection may reveal more about the issue than you think.

It’s important to call specialized contractors when you notice a crack in your basement wall. Even if the crack seems minor, don’t try to do it yourself. You could end up with a bigger problem down the road.

What To Do If You Have A Basement Wall Crack?

If you see a crack in your basement, don’t panic. It’s not necessarily a sign of disaster. It’s quite possible that a storm or heavy rainfall caused the crack. But even so, it still needs to be fixed.

Have a waterproofing specialist come out and take a look. They can assess the situation and determine whether or not the crack poses a threat to your foundation.

Fixing Hairline Cracks

When it comes to basement wall crack repair, there are many options available.

The low-pressure injection process used by our company creates a vacuum seal that allows us to inject concrete directly into the entire crack and crevices of existing concrete slabs without disturbing them.

This method will permanently repair your slab and eliminate the chance of cracking again. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in low-pressure crack injection techniques.

We offer free estimates and we guarantee our work. So you can call us and book a free inspection today!

In conclusion, basement wall cracks happen for a reason. By calling basement waterproofing contractors, you can ensure that your house remains safe and sound.

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