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What To Do When You See Water in Your Basement

The last thing you want to experience is water in your basement with no idea where it came from or how to stop it from happening. There are preventative measures that waterproofing contractors can install and implement in your home to ensure that you do not have your basement ruined by water damage. However, you may not have these waterproofing processes in place, which means your home is at risk of water damage. 

Steps to Take for Water in the Basement

When you find water in the basement, this can lead to musty smells, mold, and damage to your floors, walls, and furniture. It is essential to get the water out immediately and fix the underlying issues causing the water infiltration. Our waterproofing contractors have a few steps that you can take to do just that and keep your home and family safe. 

  • Stay safe: The goal is always to stay safe, and standing in water is never a good idea when electrical devices and cables are lying around. Do not touch devices or any loose wires. If you need to go into the water for any reason, be sure to wear rubber boots. 
  • Find the source: This might be a one-time occurrence, but if it is not, you may have a bigger problem that will require the help of waterproofing contractors. If you have water seepage, you will likely face water in the basement continuously. A pipe may have burst, an easy fix for a professional plumber. 
  • Pump out standing water: You do not want to leave water standing around and you should therefore be sure to have it pumped out. If it is safe to do so, you can use a wet-dry vacuum to pump some of the water out yourself. You may need to call in a plumber or other specialist to get the water out in some cases. Once the water has been pumped, you will likely need a dehumidifier. 
  • Remove items that can attract mold: Mold can quickly form in wet spaces and you will need to remove any items that can attract mold while undergoing repairs and waterproofing. This can be items like fabric, wood, leather, and paper. 

What Caused Water to Get in the Basement?

You may be wondering what caused your basement to get wet in the first place. Well, there are several answers to that question. Some causes include:

  • Hydrophilic pressure
  • Landscape slope
  • Settled pavement
  • Roof leaks
  • Overflowing gutter
  • Leaky basement windows
  • Clogged window wells
  • Storm sewer backup
  • Sump pump problems

This is not a complete list, but as you can see, there are many possible causes of water in your basement. You should make sure that you have implemented as many waterproofing techniques as possible to prevent this. You should also consult with waterproofing contractors to ensure your home is protected. 

Call DryTech Waterproofing for Basement Waterproofing

There are several methods that waterproofing contractors use to prevent water damage. They can improve outside drainage, install a sump pump, add interior drainage, and protect against plumbing leaks. You will need to discuss these and other waterproofing options with our waterproofing contractors by calling DryTech Waterproofing LLC at 865-410-1077 today. Make the call before water enters your basement in an effort to save money and property.


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